Who am I?

Just your regular “full stack” developer that switched to Pharo as his main programming language. Before I used to do the Java dance. And JavaScript obviously, and convince Docker to run smoothly using bash.

Wait, but why?

Mainly because Feenk convinced me to join them. Am very glad they did! I really missed working for a startup. At Feenk, we use Pharo to create new tools for developers.

No, why are you doing this, what’s up with this blog?

Oh, because I want to document my learning experience in Pharo land. I’m hoping this will not only help others learn Pharo but also influence the development of Pharo itself.

Isn’t Pharo basically Smalltalk?

Yes, Pharo does come from Smalltalk, but Pharo is both the programming language and the environment. And it is actively maintained, and it has a great community - pharo.org/community.

Ok great, tell me more!

No. I mean yes, but next post. I’d like to keep posts quick to read. So this is it for now, bye!